About Us

Sweetline trading company has been established as importer and distributor for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in 1987. Sweetline business grows over the years despite of political and economic challenges.

Sweet Line Trading Co. is a vital and dynamic company that was established in the late eighties for the sole purpose to be specialized in the import and distribution of branded impulse products in the line of confectionery, sweets, snacks and beverages to all the Palestinian market that includes E. Jerusalem West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

It is operating out of is its fully owned 2500sqm distribution building that was specially designed to meet the office space and the storage and logistics capabilities needed to engulf the growing distribution needs of the Palestinian market.

Sweet Line Trading Co. is located in the town of Beer Nabala, about 5 Km north of the center of E. Jerusalem, which is an ideal central location for accessing all the market.



Our Vision

To provide a quality product that exceeds expectations of our estimated customer

Our Mission

Sweet Line is always focusing in marketing and positioning its products in the best possible way that serves the brand

Channel of Disribution

Sweet Line has a team of highly trained sales force and well experienced merchandisers that are keen to have the most efficient distribution and positioning to all our brands.  Our sales team are focused to meet their monthly targets and goals.


Core Values

  • Entrepreneurial
  • One team
  • Honesty, Integrity and Business Ethics
  • Committed
  • Socially Responsible
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Growth
  • Brand Equity
  • Deliver Supplier Requirements


Sweet Line is always focusing in marketing and positioning its products in the best possible way that serves the brand, while carefully giving the market the quality of service that the market deserves.

We are also careful in our item portfolio in which we are representing a wide range of brand and products that do not conflict with each other so as not to create a conflict within.

We are always keen to expand our current product portfolio with such brands that strengthen our positioning in the trade and expand our market share without harming the current line.

Company News

  • 7Days dominates Croissant market with 90% market share!
  • Chips gain share and achieve 75% of Snacks business!
  • Amstel ranking second place after Carlsberg!